About Captain's Sports Lounge - Our Owners and Our Dart Bar

About the Owners

Two of the owners, Jake and Josh, started working as line cooks for a local bar while they were in high school. Ever since, they talked about opening their own bar. While in college, they started working as servers for corporate restaurants and eventually started bartending. In their twenties, Jake bought into a dive bar and was able to travel the world. Meanwhile, Josh started a family and began working in distribution for Budweiser.

Throughout their life and working experiences, they never gave up on the idea of one day opening their own place. In 2013, while Jake was abroad, an opportunity presented itself. It needed some work, but the two of them and friend, Chad Manuel, decided to give it a shot.

In October, Captain’s Sports Lounge opened with a focus on sports, draft beer, wings, and burgers. The three of them pooled their favorite things from past work places – places they have enjoyed eating, drinking, and being with friends.

The Dart Room

Jake and Josh, who were former athletes, tend to gravitate to the dart boards when they go out. They have done so for many years before opening Captain’s Sports Lounge, meeting and enjoying darts with a large community of people that are passionate about darts as well.

Jake and Josh have found that anyone, from novice players to the pros, enjoy playing darts at Captain’s Sports Lounge. As they continue to attract more players, they have chosen to continue to deliver more options for dart players to enjoy from traditional steel-tip dart boards to tournament-style digital dart boards packed with hundreds of different game modes.

Why We LOVE Our Customers

Each Individual Person Has a Story to Tell

Jake and Josh have found that people generally just crave an excuse to get out, have some fun, and interact with friends. The bands and DJs that play at Captain’s Sports Lounge typically have some of their own following. By playing at Captain’s, guest performers usually add other people that might not usually come to Captain’s which means there will always be new people to meet mixing with your friends and familiar faces. Every visitor to Captain’s Sports Lounge has a story to tell. Through our comfortable yet fun atmosphere, each of our customers can tell their story in the exact space they want too. Whether they are at our horseshoe bar with friends, sitting down with their family for lunch, or enjoying live music on a Saturday Night, we want to give our customers the space to truly be themselves here at Captain’s Sports Lounge!

If you live in Lake Lotawana, Captain’s Sports Lounge is your next-door neighbor. So, if you are searching, “sports bar near me” into Google you’ll find us! Our customers that live in Lee’s Summit or farther away across the Kansa City metro will definitely make the drive if given a good reason. At Captain’s, we provide plenty of good reasons to get out of the house for a bit like our regular live music and entertainment, our wine and whiskey tastings, or our delectable daily specials. More often than not, once individuals come in for one of our live music events, they’ll keep an eye on us for another band they’d like to come back for.

Captain’s Sports Lounge Embraces People from All Walks of Life

We encourage our staff to take the time to have conversations and get to know people when they come visit Captain’s Sports Lounge. Many of our loyal customers are on a first name basis with our staff members. Some of our more experienced staff members even have it down to knowing preferences and will have their beverage of choice waiting for them or a TV tuned to the right channel.

Captain’s Sports Lounge truly does embrace people from all walks of life. We want to make our new and existing customers feel comfortable and at home. Whether you’re wanting to come in to try the best wings in Kansas City or enjoy live music – we would love to have you! Come enjoy Captain’s Sports Lounge with us so that you can experience great company, amazing pub food, and an excellent happy hour!

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