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Our Darts Bars at Captain’s Sports Lounge

If you’re looking for a great place to play darts in Kansas City with a fantastic atmosphere and great food and drinks, then you should come check out Captain’s Sports Lounge. We have an entire floor of our restaurant in Lee's Summit, MO dedicated to darts. Whether you’re an avid darts expert or just starting out, we have a range of options available at our darts bar.

Traditional Steel Tip Darts Bar

Traditional Steel Tip and Soft Tip Darts Options

At Captain’s Sports Lounge, we have both soft tip tournament-style electronic dartboards, as well as traditional steel tip dartboards. Not sure which you prefer? Try them both to learn which you like better!

Soft Tip Electronic Darts Bar and Tournaments

Tournament-Style Electronic Dartboards

In addition to the traditional dartboards as pictured above, we also have tournament-style electronic dartboards. These electronic dartboards make keeping score a breeze with multiple players or teams. By freeing up the tedious score keeping, you can grab a drink or food from our bar and truly enjoy the game!

Our electronic dartboards are some of the best in the industry, and they have numerous built in darts game modes from which to select. Just a few of the darts game modes include Traditional, American Darts, Cricket, Dart Golf, Fives, Halve It, Killer, Round the Clock, Shanghai, and many, many, more! Rest assured, even if you’re a pro at darts, our electronic dartboards have a new darts variant for you to try out!

Our Bar and Food Selection

In addition to being an awesome place to play darts, Captain’s Sports Lounge has a robust menu full of fan favorites ranging from hot wings to delicious burgers to salads and pastas. Additionally, at any given time, we have over 20+ beers on tap and a unique cocktail menu sure to quench your thirst!

Local Darts Tournaments in Kansas City

At Captain’s Sports Lounge, we host multiple darts tournaments every single month ranging in size of the tournament and expertise level. Whether you’re an expert at darts, or just beginning, we would love to have you participate!

Large Darts Tournament

Our large darts tournament is held monthly on the fourth Friday of the month starting at 7:00pm. The large darts tournament allows up to 64 people to participate and costs $10 to enter.

Small Darts Tournament

We host smaller darts tournaments weekly every Tuesday night starting at 8:00pm. The small darts tournaments will range in size from 12-24 people and cost $10 to participate.

FAQs About our Darts Bar

Where are the darts tournaments hosted?

We currently host all darts tournaments at our Lee's Summit, MO location.

Can I bring my own custom darts, or do I have to use yours?

We understand that you might have your own custom steel tip or soft tip darts which are optimized for your unique style. While we do supply darts for all our customers, you are certainly welcome to bring your own favorites!

Are your darts tournaments geared towards experts or beginners?

The answer is both! We have a wide variety of skillsets in the tournaments which makes it a great opportunity to learn and improve your game. Our large darts tournament, which is held monthly, has up to 64 people, whereas our weekly small darts tournaments have 12-24 people. If you’re looking to try your first darts tournament, we recommend starting with the weekly smaller darts tournament as it is a bit lower key.

Can I bring food and drinks to the darts area?

Absolutely! We highly recommend and encourage you to grab a bite to eat while you play, whether it’s a full dinner or just drinks and an appetizer. Our darts area has high-top tables and seating available for you to relax and refresh while enjoying a game of darts.

Do you ever reserve out the darts area for events like birthday parties, holiday parties, etc.?

We take reservations for our darts room all the time. We’ve had birthdays, holiday office parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, guys nights, ladies’ nights, family reunions…you name it! If you’d like to reserve our room, please use the Reserve a Room form on our Contact Us page.

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Captain’s menu will have its competitors walking the plank! Check out our delicious food and drink menu because our food is in fact, fire.

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